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Accompanied parcel


"Till now only museums had the chance to execute a professional delivery of valuables. Whether paintings, diamonds or cash ... Cargo Hunters offers individuals the opportunity of sending all valuables safe, professional and fast around the globe.

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24h Service


Delivery in the next working day in almost all economic centres of Europe, delivery in the course of second working day in almost all business addresses in the USA & Canada. Delivery within 2-3 working days in Asia.

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Door - to - Door Service


We offer Door-to-Door service and supply more than 220 countries worldwide. Of course all shipments will be picked up at your enterprise, at home or wherever you want and will be delivered to the requested destination as fast as possible. If requested, even an acceptance confirmation with the receiver’s signature can be transmitted.

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Transport grid


Long-standing partnerships with reliable courier and forwarding agency enterprises allowed us to build a thick and worldwide net of highly competitive partners.

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